How to Join

Joining the club is easy! All you have to do is show up to one of our Beginner, Intermediate, or Technique lessons. And, your first lesson is always free! If you’ve never danced before, we recommend checking out a beginner lesson because we provide a relaxing environment and teach from the ground up.

Club Dues

If you decide to regularly attend lessons and events, that’s great! The next step is to pay semesterly club dues. We offer a variety of classes each week! You are allowed to attend lessons up to the highest class you pay for. If you are an OSU Student and it’s your first semester with DanceSport, then your dues are $20 up through Technique! Here is the breakdown of fees this semester for everyone else:

$20 – Beginner
$20 – Intermediate
$30 – Technique
$45 – Bronze
$65 – Silver

Non OSU students of will pay an additional $15 on top of the dues for their level.

* A minimum of $20 for fees must be paid in order to revive club benefits! (Example: only paying $5 instead of $15 for the Corn Maze social!)